When rain is drumming on the roof outside and frost is creeping up the windows, is there anything better than being able to snuggle down under a thick, heavy duvet to warm up and drift to sleep?

Than feeling that soft, heavy weight pressing down on your body, moulding to every inch and heating you slowly as you drift to sleep? We don’t think so. Here at Cushy Living, we know the bone-deep feeling of peace and contentment that comes from lying in a cosy bed and letting our eyelids slide shut. Which is why we offer both luxury feather-filled duvets and non-allergenic hollowfibre duvets in a range of togs and brands to suit everybody and make sure you get the rest you deserve.

Have allergies? Our synthetic, breathable hollowfibre duvets provide the luxurious feeling of a down filled duvets with none of the uncomfortable reactions that can come with their feather-filled counterparts. Available up in variations of 4.5, 10.5, 13.5 and 15 tog, these cosy covers will embrace you and keep you snug even on icy winter’s nights. Going to bed will feel just like sinking into a warm bath, heat slowly infusing your entire body, and when it comes time for that alarm clock to ring, you won’t want to get up!

We all know that the tiniest members of the household are often the most fragile, don’t we? In order to care for your precious little ones, we supply anti-allergy cot duvets, created especially for children with their sensitive systems in mind so that they can get all the energy they need for their growing bodies. Many of our customers opt for two duvets: a higher tog, ideal for keeping a family warm through freezing winters, and a lower tog, just right for mild summer nights to keep you cosy without waking you up in a sweat.

For luxury, comfort and warmth, look no further than our range of duck and goose down and feather duvets. The combination of feather and down interact within the duvet to trap heat and provide layer upon layer of cosy insulation – just what you need on a night when the wind is whistling down the chimney! Everyone knows that there is no such thing as too much choice, and so our feather duvets also come in a range of togs to fit everyone and every season to truly allow you to tailor your bedding. Why not explore our vast and growing product range today? Whatever choice you make, we truly believe that you will find something here to fit you and join the hundreds of others that have already chosen Cushy Living and let us boost their bedtimes.

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